Between 1711 and 1716 a village school was built in Baarle. It was the first building upon a central plot that was donated to the parish association for the poor people. Propably a draw-well is the only remainder from the 18th century. The brickwork in the shape of a bottle is about 13 ft deep.

The school was demolished about 1875 and replaced by the present building, a design of the well-known Belgian architect P.J. Taeymans. The upper floor acted from 1877 until 1986 as the town hall of Baarle-Hertog. On the ground floor lived the local police officer until 1952.

In 1986 the town hall removed and the cleared premisses were let to the local history society. The renovation of our clubhouse took three years. On 7 March 1994 the building was protected as a monument by J. Sauwens, minister of the Flemish Community.

The clubhouse is open for the public each Wednesday (7.30PM-9.30PM) and each first Sunday of the month (10.30AM-00.30uPM).


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