Between 1711 and 1716 a village school was built in Baarle. It was the first building upon a central plot that was donated to the parish association for the poor people. Propably a draw-well is the only remainder from the 18th century. The brickwork in the shape of a bottle is about 13 ft deep.



Under the inspirational guidance of curate Kramer a local history society was raised in Baarle in 1947. But after the departure of its chairman in 1953, the society was dead and gone. On 8 June 1976 a new society was set up, called ‘Amalia van Solms’.



Shortly after the establishment of our society Jos de Swart designed a logo, hit upon an idea by Ed Loffeld: from the herald arms of Amalia of Solms he took two rosettes (emblem from the herald arms of Solms) and a bugle (emblem from the herald arms of Oranje). The saw beneath the logo is: …

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