Under the inspirational guidance of curate Kramer a local history society was raised in Baarle in 1947. But after the departure of its chairman in 1953, the society was dead and gone. On 8 June 1976 a new society was set up, called ‘Amalia van Solms’.



Shortly after the establishment of our society Jos de Swart designed a logo, hit upon an idea by Ed Loffeld: from the herald arms of Amalia of Solms he took two rosettes (emblem from the herald arms of Solms) and a bugle (emblem from the herald arms of Oranje). The saw beneath the logo is: …

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The local history society of Baarle is named after Amalia of Solms, a Dutch princess that lived in the 17th century. She’s an ancestor of all reigning European royal houses. Amalia of Solms is widely known in the Netherlands and in Belgium and she had part in the maintenance of the enclaves in Baarle. She symbolises …

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